My cookies

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Some of the work I have done.
  1. P1010001 
Gotta love them but labor intensive!
  2. P1010006 
Used food pen on top two. Designs are from someone's wedding platter.
  3. P1010004 
Still not too good at writing.  Black was to thin..Rats!
  4. P1010008 
Done getting ready to package!!
  5. P1010003 
Old and new favorites.
  6. P1010006 
Old and new.
  7. P1010015 
More sentiments from wedding cookies
  8. P1010008 
Old favorites
  9. P1010002 
Old and new styles.
  10. P1010004 
Used Sugarbelle's tutorials
  11. P1010002 
Trying more things!
  12. P1010002 
From Nadia's tutorial at My Little Bakery Lace embroidery.
  13. P1010003 
Brush embroidery and lace embroidery complements of recent tutorials on Sugarbelle's blog.
  14. P1010002 
Medium sized cookies.
  15. P1010006  Cookies are getting bigger. These are medium sized.
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Karen's Cookies: Cookie Decorating Simplified