Spring '12

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My springtime cookies
  1. Fathersday12- Cookies for my SILs from their kids.  Made 3 sets.
  2. mothersdayroses 1 doz. roses for my daughter.  GF
  3. mothersdayshoes  Shoes for my DD who loves them as much as I love cutters. GF
  4. Mother'sday3  Cookies for my youngest daughter
  5. Mother'sday2  Cookies for my oldest daughter
  6. Mother'sday1  Cookie plaques made with sayings from my grandsons.  Packaged in vase below.  Idea from I Am Baker!
  7. HFA Plaques   Play title cookies..Inspiration Flour Box Bakery's Once upon a time linky party.
  8. dragons  Dragons from cutters I got from Cindy58
  9. castlecrowns  King and princess crown and castle
  10. knightprincess  Knight (from thread all about boys) and princess
  11. happilyforeverafter  Selection of cookies for the cast of Happily Forever After.
  12. Door prize 1 Arrangements are held in place using floral foam wedged in tightly with green shreds covering them.
  13. Door prize 2  They are in Book shaped boxes from Michaels.
  14. door prize 3  LOL  I moved the sun over when I saw this pic!!!  Went with a patriotic theme.
  15. Bouquet ! Inspiration:  Bluebird (Donna Bailey); Bird House (?); Iris (leannsloan@cakecentral; Poppy (Sugarbelle; Pansy (Nicole@Life's a Batch); Dragonfly (Lori@Whimsy Cookie Co);  Gerbera daisy...
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Karen's Cookies: Cookie Decorating Simplified