Cookies 2016

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  1. Gifts for the Grandnieces and nephews.
  2. Stenciled RI and airbrushing
  3. Stenciled, jingle bells (Cutter from That's a nice cookie cutter)  mini's are new plunge cutters.
  4. Stenciling both RI and airbrushing.  Julia Usher's NOEL stencil set in the middle.
  5. Sugarbelle's  Christmas
  6. Sugarbelle's Nativity
  7. Even send the fixings to the grandsons who can't make it home for Christmas.
  8. Gingerbread houses...a family tradition
  9. We are headed for the North Pole.
  10. All aboard....
  11. Tickets, cocoa and cookies..we are ready to go.
  12. What little boy doesn't like the Polar Express.
  13. Party tray for a retirement.
  14. Wilton's tree cutters and primitive tree from Karen's Cookies
  15. Components of the party tray
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Karen's Cookies: Cookie Decorating Simplified