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Thread: So much for my nice cookies...

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    Unhappy So much for my nice cookies...

    So, have you ever dropped your camera right on to your beautiful, freshly decorated cookies while trying to get a good photo of them? 'Nuff said, I am having a bad day...!

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    oh no! I'm so sorry!!

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    No...but I have certainly thought about it happening when I am taking pictures. So sorry this happened to you...hope it wasn't somebody's order, cuz' that would really suck!
    There's a skinny girl who lives inside of me that's screaming to get out...I can usually shut her up with cookies!

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    No, luckily it wasn't an order - just trying to (and had!) perfected some baby shower cookies that I have to make in a short amount of time next week. I was rushing to take pics because I heard the bus outside & once the kids get home, well, anything can happen! I guess I should be just as worried about myself lol!

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    I can relate. I dropped mine and snapped my little duck cookie's face off. Luckily I already got the shot and there were extras.

    Out of all my cookie photos, the duck shot is my favorite. I like that they had facial expressions. They looked like twins posing and looking at the camera.

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    Aahhh, there were ducks - cute ones with little blue handmade bows stuck on their little necks that are now squashed. : (

    Anyway Dreme I have seen your cookies, and one of yours was probably worth the whole tray of mine!

    And yes, the whole tray is toast - there were cookies flopping all over, like in slow motion!

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    That is terrible! I am sorry.

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    Oh yes I have! Started taking pictures on easels for a while after that! Just remember...._ _ _ _ happens! Make sure you always have a couple extras!

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    Thanks everyone I feel better... Like everyone says, someone will always be glad to eat the mistakes (only one actually touched the camera - the rest were just casualties!).

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    OK, so I haven't dropped a camera on my cookies, but my husband recently dropped a camera on our toddler's head while he tried to take a picture of her sleeping. She was not amused.

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