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Thread: Help Blotchy Cookies

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    Which recipe are you using??

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    If you have some leftover icing, try adding a little water to it so that if you let some fall into the bowl & gently shake the bowl back & forth a little, the icing will settle back to smooth in about 10 seconds. If mine doesn't settle smooth, a little water works wonders - just be sure to stir it completely & let the air bubbles set again. I use Wilton merengue & my "taste testers" prefer it over glaze LOL! When I was testing glaze (I used milk) I always added white coloring to the base batch before mixing any colors - maybe that would help? It always helped my colors to be more opaque. At least glaze is easy to make in small batches so you can test : ). Best of luck & keep posting - hopefully the mystery will be solved soon!

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    I just give it a good stir the next day.

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