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Thread: USPS Flat Rate Box

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    USPS Flat Rate Box

    Does anyone ship flat rate via US Post Office? Intrued to insure package but they said they won't insure cookies. Has anyone had this problem with UPS?

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    They both have their good and bad points.
    The flat rate is good when your contents are heavy, plus you know the cost upfront and can quote your customer.

    The non flat rate is usually cheaper if it's not going far, but it's tricky to quote shipping before you know what the box weighs.
    I've grossly under quoted a few times.
    My postmaster gave me 2 charts to help me estimate shipping and it's been such a help.
    I bought a postal scale off ebay too which is a great help.

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    i did one shipment with usps, i asked about shipping cookies in whatever their "if it fits it ships" deal was and i was handed a box that would have been the perfect size and shape for a laptop. 8 of 36 broke. i think if i had used my own box, it would have been safer, but twice as much, unless it went slower and missed the baby shower (il to wa)
    currently i use ups because as long as the weather is cool, they can box it for me and take their time for around $10-20. (i havent shipped more than 2 dozen with them) i only rushed it once because i was cringing at the thought of food in a hot truck/warehouse for 2 days in a heat wave. she didnt answer the first day, so overnight was for nothing, but she said they arrived just fine anyway. i havent bothered with insuring my cookies, but my "customers" are friends and family, and honestly, what i charge them, if at all 'cause i've been gifting with cookies too, covers shipping or the gas to drive them over to their house. and if some break, they all say the same thing "we ate those first and they were awesome"
    one order went to az, but i dropped them off at the customer's mom's house and she shipped them for her daughter. i hear all went well, but i dont know what her method was...

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