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Thread: Glaze Transfers ?????

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    Glaze Transfers ?????

    So I am sure everyone has heard of Royal Icing Transfers....but I am a Glaze only Gal. I need to do some logo cookies and since a kopykake is not in my budget right now, I thought that a transfer would be an option. Now what? Will the royal icing transfer technique work with glaze? Maybe use chocolate instead of glaze? How do I attach it to the cookies?


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    I have done a few - but don't use wax paper, use parchment paper (or transfer paper like Sugarbelle, but I don't know that one with glaze.) I just drop it on a wet flooded cookie.

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    I have made both glaze and RI transfers. I will say that I think the RI ones "stand up" better if you are doing a shape that needs to have some depth to it (like a rose with petals). But I dropped mine on some wax paper and they worked fine. I almost always flood with glaze because of the taste, but if I am looking for the puffiness I will do a batch of RI for the outline, piping, or transfers.

    I have also noticed that the RI transfers are more brittle than the glaze ones, but the glaze seems to be less likely to hold the exact shape you are trying for. (or maybe I was just using thinner icing when I was playing with these - you never know when I am just messing around!)



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    I have used the glaze successfully in doing transfers. Although I've never tried doing letters. I've done shapes like hearts, stars, circles, etc. I think it would be tricky for places with thin coverage, such as letters. But it is also tricky to do with royal icing, so I'm sure it is possible. And I always used waxed paper for my transfers and have never had a problem. But make sure to use a name brand, like Cut Rite, as I think some of the cheaper brands would give you issues with the glaze getting stuck.

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    When I do letters, I make sure they are really dry (I make a few on a test sheet) and then slowly pull down over the side of the counter until they release. If I have different letters & need a lot I do a sheet of each, and make lots of extras! When they are small I drop them on the flooded cookie with my tweezers. And they last a LONG time in an airtight container!

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    Does anyone have trouble with their glaze transfers becoming blotchy after a day or two? I've made hearts and dots. The dots seems to be okay for a few days, but the hearts never last more than a day. I've been using wax paper. Wonder if that's the problem.

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