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Thread: How long do you let your base coat dry?

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    How long do you let your base coat dry?

    Just curious to see how long everyone waits until the base coat is dry before adding details......

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    For me it depends on the colors I'm using. If I'm putting red or black on any color, several hours maybe overnight. Pastels, couple of houts.

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    Depends if you are using glaze or RI glaze, or RI, I use RI glaze and just let them dry an hour or so and continue to decorate. When I did glaze only I would let them dry overnight.
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    Using my RI/glaze mix, I sometimes add after 5 minutes. As for straight-up glaze, at least 1/2 hour, maybe more.

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    Usually I'm doing at least 3 dozen cookies and by the time I've flooded and outline those I can start to think about doing some detail work. I'd say with my fan going an hour is plenty of time.

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