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    Wanted: Kopykake Projector

    I know I can buy a new one for about $200. But if someone has one in good condition they want to sell Private Message me with the information and price.

    As well, I am always looking for cookie cutters. I like Hallmark, HRM style plastic ones.


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    I had great luck finding one on craigslist, surprisingly. I know others on cake central found theirs on craigslist too. good luck.

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    They are out there but keep in mind that there are places selling them for 185.00 with free shipping brand new. If you found a used one they are usually around 120.00 and with shipping you are probably only about 30.00 away from the brand new price.
    I searched and searched and finally bought a new one. It was the piece of mind that everything was working, I was getting all the parts and if I had an issue I had someone to go back to.

    Good Luck on your search. Every now and then I see them on Ebay and Craigslist.

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