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Thread: Terrified with Shipping

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    Kimmie and Michelle, those are NOT the typical size of my cookies! They ended up being ginormous but that was the size of the bird cage cutter so that's what I ended up with. I rolled, cut and froze the dough a couple days in advance which is what I typically do these days. Most of them didn't spread at all but I had a few that spread off the charts! There were a couple that were so huge they didn't end up fitting in the pillows which my sister was then happy to eat while packing them for presentation

    Michelle, I think it took 10 double batches of a modified version of the standard NFSC recipe

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    GULP! Wow, that's a lotta dough! My largest order so far has been 5 batches of what is really a 1/2 recipe of NFSC (150 oz) - you never cease to amaze!

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    Anita, those are beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures of them on display and with the couple. And what a wonderful tribute to your brother!


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    Gorgeous! That's are amazing!


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