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Thread: SugarDeaux's Fast Dry, Quick Royal icing

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    SugarDeaux's Fast Dry, Quick Royal icing

    A few people have requested this recipe since Facebook closed the discussion tab where I had it posted. Any questions, feel free to ask.
    This RI recipe mixes to a semi-stiff consistency. (Think buttercream.) You can separate into individual containers and add drops of water till you achieve the consistency you desire. If you want very stiff RI to do piped flowers, etc. add an additional 1/2 (approx)cup of powdered sugar.

    Here's the recipe:

    2 lb bag of powdered sugar ( I use Walmart's at $1.49 a bag)
    6 tbsp of CK Meringue Powder
    3/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar
    5 oz warm water
    1 tsp Clear Butter Flavor (I use Wilton's)
    2 tsp Clear Vanilla Flavor (I use Wilton's)
    1 tbsp of Light Corn Syrup

    (I use a KitchenAid Stand Mixer)

    * Mix your meringue powder and warm water with your WHISK attachment on medium high speed until it is thickened up and doubled in size (about 1 min)

    * Add Cream of Tartar, Butter & Vanilla Flavors. Mix about 30 secs.
    * Still using whisk attachment, add half bag of powdered sugar and mix on LOW until smooth - about 30 secs. ( If you have a plastic cover- great! If not wrap a clean tea towel around mixer to keep sugar in.)
    * Add Corn Syrup, mix in (10 secs)
    * Stop mixer and add remaining Powdered Sugar. Mix on medium-low for 30 secs, then scrape down sides of bowl. Mix for ONE more minute.
    * Makes enough RI to ice about 3-4 dozen medium cookies.
    * Immediately store in airtight container(s)
    * Voila! Done with less than 4 minutes mixing time start to finish!

    A couple notes of interest:
    * This icing is ideal for when you need your icing to dry quickly. If you're doing detail work or wet on wet, you have to work somewhat quickly.
    *This icing will dry to a semi- matte finish. You can add 1 additional tbsp of corn syrup for more gloss-but will increase drying time slightly.
    * I use CK Meringue powder ONLY. Buy it online or at cake supply stores. Not expensive. It makes a BIG difference in taste and consistency in my book. Sorry, Wilton -I do still love you for other things

    *This will keep in the fridge for at least two weeks-if not longer. Use airtight containers to store. To use again, just mix thoroughly with a spatula to incorporate any separation.

    Enjoy! - Karen
    Karen ~AKA SugarDeaux and Brodiemojo!
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    Happy Cookie~ing!

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    Love your recipe, use it all the time now.
    Joanne AKA Cut It Out -cookies by Joanne

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    YAy! I found it. I will have to try this out on my next batch.

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    Thank you for posting your recipe. I completely agree with you about CK meringue powder. It makes a huge difference in icing taste and texture too (IMO).

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    My favorite RI recipe!
    gknee aka Jeanne

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    (Hey, a little flour and sugar is cheaper than a real therapist.)

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