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Thread: For those who ONLY use bottles

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    Quote Originally Posted by DippinPops View Post
    For writing I use the small bottles filled as much as they can be - don't need to squeeze the bottle as much then. For steady pressure I use one hand the squeeze, and one hand to guide.
    Ditto exactly!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anita1956 View Post
    So is Spring Fling piping bags only? Does this mean I need to pack my bottles or will I be forced to use icing bags? If so, it's not going to be pretty for anyone!
    Ummm...I would give bags a try although I kinda have a hate-hate relationship with them...totally prefer bottles - I might need extra time & a one-on-one session to use bags! After my last cake I was wondering how I could use bottles with buttercream (in my dreams hehehe!)

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    I am afraid that it will be RI only!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by focadima View Post
    I am afraid that it will be RI only!!
    That's true! I would actually love a glaze session - I do better with RI but sometimes I like to use glaze...
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    Hey gals,
    We plan on having all kinds of combos of icing and tools to choose from. Anita I had forgotten about the bottles, but will make sure those are available in the classes.
    Great thoughts, y'all!

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    I have to admit that I am a bottle girl. I just can't master the bag. My RI in a bag seems to "melt" in my hot little hand and get much thinner than I like. Old habits are hard to break!

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    I have bottles, and cannot use them because my thumb can't push hard enough. So all bags for me. I have my bottles bagged up to bring to Spring Fling if we have a swap!

    I spent today resorting and labeling cutter boxes! Fun!

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    I am jealous!!!!! Ya'll are going to have so much fun!!!!

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