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Thread: PaperMart -- LOVE!

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    PaperMart -- LOVE!

    I've been ordering my boxes, cello, etc. from PaperMart. They are awesome! I just priced out their ribbon -- 100 yards of 3/8" grosgrain (solid colors) ribbon is $3.98/roll! I was shopping Hobby Lobby during their 50% off sales and getting 5 yards for $1.

    Their shipping for heavier items is expensive, but I would think if you live on the West Coast, it would be a lot cheaper to ship. (They are located outside LA.)

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    Ooooo..I just love it when someone finds a deal...Thank you!!!--Katy
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    I love PaperMart...I order all my bags form them....their shipping does seem a little high...but when I figured out I was paying at Hobby Lobby for bags....they still are way cheaper...and I don't have to run the the store all the time to buy last order was for 3,000 bags....and I am shooting myself for not buying more!

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    They're my go to guys! Love PaperMart. I've ordered boxes, bags, tubes, purse boxes and a bunch of other stuff.

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    me too. I ordered bags from a different place last time and was not happy

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    I get just about everything from papermart. Occasionally I order from Uline...their shipping is high too but in an emergency they're great because I can order at noon on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning the items are there and that's for the regular shipping rate.

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    I work pretty close to their warehouse and have been meaning to stop by but I’m practicing restraint because I can't fit more stuff in my craft room (where I keep my cookie cutters and tools). One of these days I’m just going to give in LOL
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    On the basis of all your glowing reviews, I ordered from Paper Mart for the first time today! I am glad I got the "heads up" about the price of shipping....even with advanced warning it kind of took me by surprise! But when I factored how much it would cost from other places it was about even....and at least with them you know you're getting a quality product. Thanks for pointing me in their direction!
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