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Thread: Yippee!!! Success!!!

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    Yippee!!! Success!!!

    I have been practicing my piping skills for about an hour at a time, sometimes for a couple. Well, I am so tickled after today's session in the kitchen. I got out my cake decorating supplies and made up some "practice" butter-cream and piped my way to happiness!!! I love it! I just started this hobby and I am a perfectionist, so, if I don't get it "perfect", I just feel terrible. I gave up oil painting and watercolor to pursue Sugar Art (the floral decorations you see on very expensive cakes) and filigree and extension work on cakes. I fell in love with Ron Ben-Israel's roses and one day, I so want to take a class with him. But today was my Kitchen Day and I had great fun. I just love it when it does what it is supposed to. It's so elegant. I almost felt like a bystander. If I get the consistency right, it just does it all by itself, practically! It was just practice and I had to put it back in my Crisco container when I was done. But, the good thing is, I finally saw what the right consistency and good tools can do. Even I can do it! My mom would be so proud. I remember when she was learning and she had to show us girls her roses that she was making for my older sister's birthday cake. She was so tickled. She was a baker and I always thought she could do anything, and she pretty much did. I guess cause she was so accomplished in the bakery arts, I just held back. I think it's the fear of failing and not being good enough. Well, I think I can feel her happiness in me, that I quit being scared and intimidated by the beauty of all the work that the rest of you do. I can do it, too!

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    yay for you! Don't you love it when everything falls into place? I understand the fear of failure and of not being able to live up to your own standards of "pefection". Not good, but I do it all the time.

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    Terrific!!! Great that you feel the success of doing it!!! You'll have to take some pics and post them!! We want to ooh and aah too!! TFS --Katy
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    Good for you for going for it! I would love to see photos too!
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    Wow, don't you love it when you get to where you want to be. I too struggle with feeling not good enough. Others do not see it that way. We all have times like that. Your mother would be so proud, I'm sure. Keep doing what makes you happy!
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