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Thread: Edible Image Printer Help needed immediately

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    Edible Image Printer Help needed immediately

    My Canon MP560 seems to be a piece of crap. I have 200 cookies that I need to image and I just spent $75 on new ink and this printer won't work. Any recommendations on a different printer????? (P.S. Need to buy this printer IMMEDIATELY - like NOW)

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    OH NO! Did you get it from Icing Images?

    I have a Canon IP3600 from them.

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    I have the Epson NX415. I bought mine at office depot or best buy for like $60.00. Sorry, I can't remember which one. LOL I know it's kinda scary. I love it though, if that helps. Are you going to Spring Fling?

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    I will look at the Epson! thanks! I bought it from Canon directly.

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    You won't believe this, but I took a stab to see what other printers would take my inks and called Kopykake. I got this guy Mario via email chat and he was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! He told me that I could clean my printer heads myself instead of going to a Canon dealer. He emailed me directions as well as told me what to do and when I did it, my freaking printer worked perfectly! There apparently was a TON of black ink under the rubber band area which was making it not print. I was about to trash this thing and buy another printer all because of ink in a band. I told Mario that CANON owes him a bonus check, because they lost a customer. Why would my Kopykake guy be more helpful than Canon AND Canon's repair service?!?!?!? Go figure! Now I know who i'm calling for problems from now on!!!!!

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