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Thread: Anybody used Sugarveil dispenser

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    Anybody used Sugarveil dispenser

    Hi! I have been toying with getting the Sugarveil icing dispenser for awhile now. From all I have read it about it , it says you can use RI, ganache, buttercream and other icings as well. Here is a link to it.
    So I took the plunge today and ordered it. I found one on Amazon that was in stock and $10 cheaper.
    Has anyone had any experience with using this. I guess I should have asked on this board BEFORE I bought it. LOL! But I have been considering this for awhile and finally decided to just do it.
    Let me know if anyone has experience with this.

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    Wow! It looks like a Doctor's kit. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with it. Personally, as a beginning piper with real cookie icing it scares the bejesus out of me!

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