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Thread: Saran Wrap VS. Press'nSeal

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    Quote Originally Posted by lov2bake View Post
    I took the coupler out of the bag to thread the tail through it and it helped guide the tail through the bag end since I haven't had much practice yet. Karen IS a genius!!!
    I often have issues with the wrap untwisting while I'm trying to thread it through, so I'll definitely have to try that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donna Bailey View Post
    Hummm....."reinforcing sewing patterns"? That's a new one....we used to iron our tissue patterns to freezer wrap to reinforce.
    I use the saran wrap between the sewing pattern and another tissue paper. Just iron to melt the saran wrap. But next time I'll have to try reinforcing with freezer paper.

    Quote Originally Posted by Donna Bailey View Post
    SugarBoy, I would NOT try to "pop off the tail" of press'n seal with your teeth! You're liable to pull out a couple! Heck, with my teeth/bridge, I wouldn't even attempt that with plastic wrap! Hee, REALLY want to CUT the tail off the press'n seal to get beyond that sealed twist end.
    Sorry for the misunderstanding, but you gave me a good laugh. I DO cut the tail off once I thread it through the bag and then give the tail to the kids to pop off the icing nib that's left in wrap.

    I think I would be gnawing at the icing bags for days. And thinking about it - eating all that icing - would make me sick...not to mention (although I am mentioning it) the lack of sanitation.

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    so, dumb question - sticky side in or out for the press n seal? trying to wrap my head around it, haha
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    Tried the press and seal also, great results but the cheapness in me screams STORE BRAND plastic wrap.I have also gone to putting the coupler on before I put the bullet in the bag I have problems with my tail wanting to unwind the other way and have to use an ice pick to help pull my tail through. (Sounding like maybe I have a BIG tail issue)

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