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Thread: Forum back up and apologies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrie View Post
    Thanks so much Mike for all you! I now see Im soo addicted to this place.
    Ditto! Thanks Mike!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicki View Post
    Just to echo what everyone has said.....a big THANK YOU from me to you, Mike! I'm afraid that I, like the others, am hopelessly addicted to this forum and check in many times a day to see what's new. You are appreciated for all that you (and Karen) do to keep things running smoothly for us. Please don't feel bad about something that's out of your control...we all know how computers are. I'm just grateful for your knowledge and hard work!

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    Thanks so much for another crisis averted Mike! What would we do without you, Karen, and the forum?!?

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    Did it have anything to do with a few rogue posts? I saw two. Should we report them to you? I noticed I got 2 virus alerts right before the forum went down. You and Karen are wonderful for provide and supporting this Forum! Let us know if there is something we can do to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lov2bake View Post
    Did it have anything to do with a few rogue posts? I saw two. Should we report them to you?
    No, I really don't think so. We're deleting those all the time. There's really know way to prevent them from coming here, but we do delete them when we notice them. Yes, please do report them. In fact, to do that you simply need to click little triangle with the "!" in it by each post. I'll then take a quick look and delete it if it's an obvious spammer.


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