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Thread: I can't believe how much I've missed!

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    I can't believe how much I've missed!

    Starting with a Spring break vacation in TX 3 weeks ago, coming home really sick, with orders to do, Easter, and this week "regular" work and taxes, I have not had barely a few minutes a day to visit the forum. I didn't even have a chance to make Easter cookies, and with Spring Fling next week, I can't seem to find enough hours in the days to "stop & smell the cookies" - I can't wait for a few hours to myself to catch up on all that everyone has been up to! I really wish I had more time to decorate cookies "just because" - the $ is nice (mostly being invested for college for my 3dd's) but most of my orders lately have not been for anything new & exciting : ( Sigh... Can't wait for Spring Fling to get my icing-on!

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    I hope you have a great time, sure wish I was going...
    Nanette AKA Nanny's Sugar Cookies, LLC
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    Can't wait to meet you. I'm so excited for a break and Spring Fling also. I Love your saying and think it would make for a cute T-shirt "Get Your Icing on"

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    Me too Michelle - it sounds ridiculous but i've been aching to make cookies. I have had zero time lately for cookie projects though i' ve been doodling lots of designs in the margins of meeting agendas :-) Have fun at the spring fling!

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    wooo hooo one week roomie

    I NEED this escape ( dont we all!) anyway busy busy busy I hope I can make it through this weekend finishing all next weeks orders so i can make my Kentucky cookies!

    and Michelle the forum has been a tad slow so you didnt miss much

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    Sorry you came home sick, hope you had a wonderful time with your family. Can't wait to meet everyone. See you there!! Now what to make for the Kentucky themed cookies??
    Joanne AKA Cut It Out -cookies by Joanne

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    Hope you enjoyed spring break ... sorry you came home sick. Hopefully you're all better now! Have a great time at Spring Fling. Hopeful that I can make it next year.

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    Cat wait to meet you and everyone else at Spring Fling. I know life just gets crazy sometimes. Feel better soon!

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    It was a nice vacation, and am almost fully recovered (still waiting for an ear to pop a little more!). I just spent hours trying to catch up - and that was just the Show & Tells! Everyone is so creative here!

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