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Thread: How can I get Pantone PMS 300 blue color?

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    How can I get Pantone PMS 300 blue color?

    This blue is the official school color blue for some grad cookies I have an order for.... Would you use royal? Electric Blue? a mix? Navy? Any black?
    Here is the link to the shade.

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    Do you have a mixing tray or something like it? My favorite is but I think Wilton makes a tray with larger square compartments. You can also ask in the art department of a craft store.

    I started using this mixing tray for at the beginning of each order to try out the colors and get a good idea of the end results of the different samples. Just put a teaspoon of icing in several compartments and try out the colors and blends you think will work, using a toothpick to get a teeny amount of Americolor into the icings (way less than 1 drop). Make a paper print out of the color(s) you are trying to match and slide it into a sheet protector, cover it with plastic wrap or just smear a bit of each color sample directly on the paper color sample to see how close you are getting.

    Cover the mixing tray of samples with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge overnight to let the colors develop and allow the smears on the paper sample to dry. Hours later, check the paper sample smears and the mixing tray to see which color is the closest. You may till have to tweak the color a bit. This all sounds more complicated in writing that it is to do!

    I find this method a whole lot easier, faster and cheaper than starting with a half cup of icing and wasting a ton of color and icing to randomly adding more and more colors to get it right. I am still getting familiar with Americolor Colors so I'm never sure what I'm going to get until I mix a teeny sample. It helps me get a better color palette for each order because I can see how the colors will look next to one another.

    I think color matching would be a great tutorital for Sugarbelle to do!

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    I think I have had pretty close to that color just with Electric Blue, adding more to get it darker.

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    I just did these cookies - and online they state that their blue is PMS 300. Because I live near DePaul I know, in person, the color is like a bright royal. I mixed royal blue with just a smig of electric blue. I didn't make the royal blue too dark and let it develop overnight.
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    I know all monitors are different but to me it looks like basic royal blue

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