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Thread: Packaging Ideas for Farmers Market

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    Packaging Ideas for Farmers Market

    Hi all! I'll be selling at a Farmers/Artisans Market every Saturday in the month of October. On my table will be decorated cookies, buckeyes, and Cookie Creator Kits (themed decorating kits for kids mostly, but adults could have fun with them too!). There are two other people there who sell cookies (chocolate chip, snickerdoodle... no decorated) and quick breads as part of their business.
    I had originally decided to package my cookies one way but now I'm second guessing myself... here it is...

    Cookie Pack 1: Ohio Pack: ohio shape, cardinal or ladybug, 2-3 mini buckeye shaped/decorated cookies
    Cookie Pack 2: Leaf Pack 1: maple leaf and 2-3 mini acorn cookies
    Cookie Pack 3: Leaf Pack 3: oak leaf and 2-3 mini buckeye shaped

    Single Cookie 1: larger candy corn cookie (may replace the last 2 weeks of Oct. with another Halloween themed cookie)

    Cookie Pop: Pinwheel pop on paper straw

    Should I keep things this way, or should I do the larger cookies (leaves, cardinal, ladybug, ohio shape) as singles and maybe do bags of minis (acorns, buckeyes)? I'm still thinking of whether or not to add more kid friendly cookies... I visit the market and there doesn't seem to be tons of kids there, mostly their parents and older people. But the other vendors sell out almost every weekend, so maybe I can too!

    Thanks! Maria

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    How did the farmer's markets go? I am considering doing it here after the new year.

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    Hello Sarah! It went fairly well, thanks! It was a small market, not a lot of traffic, so I was surprised how many people actually stopped and bought something. I wasn't expecting tons of money, I was doing it more to get my name out and to generate outside orders, which it did, so I was very happy with that.
    I decided to go with single cookies instead of doing several in one package, and it worked out quite well. The Cookie Creator Kits didn't sell at all, and my buckeyes did well. One thing I added was a "Market Special" each week and promoted it on Facebook. For the special, I made something that used my buckeyes or had the buckeye taste, since I was trying to promote the buckeyes. One week I did a cupcake with a buckeye baked in the middle and one week I did a buckeye caramel corn (caramel corn with chocolate and peanut butter drizzle... omg, so good!).
    I will do it again next October for sure, but I'll be wearing my long underwear! It got cold and windy this month!
    Good luck with your market venture! Take care!

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