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Thread: Fondant on Cookies - Spoilage

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    Fondant on Cookies - Spoilage


    I have never used fondant (store bought, MMF or Rolled Buttercream) on cookies before. I was just wondering if it would spoil? How long can you leave a cookie out that is covered in fondant?

    I would like to try this technique but want to be sure no-one gets sick from eating my cookies.


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    I don't think you have to worry about the danger as much as it getting dried out and hard. I think it has a pretty indefinite shelf-life as far as safety, but the fondant does tend to dry out a bit. Also, it seems like the colors in fondant fade a little bit faster than buttercream. Has anyone else noticed that, or is it just me? It very well could be my imagination.

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    I agree with Karen. It doesn't spoil really, but it can get overly hard if left out too long. Another option is chocolate clay, which is actually pretty good on a cookie and doesn't dry out the way fondant does.

    No, you're right Karen! Particular colors fade more than others, especially red, blue and purple. Purple almost changes color, so I dread working with it!

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