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Thread: Viewing posts from activity stream

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    Viewing posts from activity stream

    Hi everyone,

    when I am reading the new posts from the activity stream and I get to the bottom of the page, how do I view the posts that were just before that? I don't see any page numbers to click on. Example, Katy just recently posted her beautiful photo album, but if I wanted to read a post that was a day or two before that, how do I get to that page? Thanks!

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    Not quite sure what you are asking...I use the new posts button to view new posts rather than the activity stream or What's New. If you want to see older posts, you can do an advanced search(on the right at the top of page) and put in your date range. If you know who wrote what you are looking for, you can go to community>members> find the person and select new post started by.... Hope this helps. --Katy
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